Steel-mould construction

The latest technology and longstanding experience in steel mould construction are the basis of our success

The cost-effective production of injection moulded plastic parts necessitates optimised and customised steel mould construction.

Complex three-dimensional geometries and freeform surfaces demand maximum precision from both man and machine.

Customers appreciate the fact that we maximise optimisation potential by combining our decades of experience with the options made available to us by 3-D-CAD/CAM technology.

Our precision tools are built to very high standards of quality, reproducibility and productivity at our own steel mould construction shop on state of the art CNC machines, where they are milled or spark eroded to a size of 835x510x510mm:

– 3D CAD/CAM processing centres
– Spark erosion machines
– Lathes

An optimum balance of solid theoretical know-how and practical application experience enables us to deliver practical and cost-effective solutions which reflect the technological state of the art, even when requirements are complex.